Tuesday, March 07, 2006
  X-men III...
The Last Stand

Click the pic for the trailer:

Looks pretty awesome to me.
For all its apparent inconsistencies at the 'geek out' level per the CHUD thread on it, I thought it looked pretty badass... enough so that I'll aim to go see it when it gets released, for sure.
Hi Ethan. Yeah they certainly pulled the fat out of the fire with this, if the trailer is to be trusted.

(Which Ethan might you be?)
Looks good. I'm still leary of Ratner though.
I'm the CHUD Ethan with all the theology questions ;) Sorry, should have been more clear.
And leary you should be. I haven't cast all doubts aside.

And Ethan, that's cool. I have another friend named Ethan.
CHUD sucks.
Yeah but there are still a few good people that hang out there.
Excellent, love it! » » »
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