Monday, April 17, 2006
  Chattanooga Trip...
Well I didn't see the train and thanks to no camera you won't see what I did do, but I can at least share it with you verbally.

Tuesday I arrived after a nice flight and took in a couple of beers and some excellent stuffed mushrooms at the Hair of the Dog Pub. After a walk around on the riverfront, an ice cream cone, and a viewing of Inside Man (good flick) I decided I was hungry again and went to Cheeburger Cheeburger where I had their Pounder and a Mud Pie milkshake. Needless to say that led to another jaunt around the riverfront.

Wednesday found me working (the reason I came down after all) and that went well. I installed two PCs and found the folks in Dalton to be friendly and easy to get along with. A quick lunch at Krystal (what's the diff between them and Whitecastle?) followed by a nap recharged me for another afternoon/evening in downtown Chattanooga. I ate dinner at Rhythm and Brews where the barbecue pizza and the beer were out of sight! No live music while I was there, but that's okay. After that I found a little coffee shop called Greyfriar's and had their Chaipaccino. I had a good conversation with someone there about the Westminster Confession. A visit to Barnes and Nobles later and I called it a night.

My flight home was uneventful and thankfully early.
Don't leave us hanging!

Did you finish the Pounder?
You know it baby.
HAHAHA...good man.

Did they take your pic and all that?
Yup and they had to use the wiiiiide ass lense.
mud pie milkshake! kapow!

one hates to pelt you with trivial questions but one has to know: what flavor ice cream cone?

thank you
Oddly enough the Dublin Mudslideā„¢. And let me say that the CBCB shake flavorwise blew B&J out of the water. I think it's the espresso flavored syrup they use. The espresso hit was strong in the shake but not too strong.
i have had the pounder. did the pic. good stuff though. it sound like you had a fulFILLING trip. but no Chick-Fil-A???
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