Monday, April 10, 2006
  Movie Watchin Fool...
Movies I've seen this week:

Brief thoughts on each:
Glory Road - Standard Disney fair. Remember the Titans did a better job of the whole "uniting the racially diverse sports team" shtick, but Glory had some nice moments and I enjoyed it.
Royal Tenebaums - I just couldn't get into this at all. Maybe it was a mood I was in, but I couldn't get into any of the characters and none of it was funny.
- Deeply disturbing. I could've done without seeing some of the more graphic scenes, but it did an excellent job of depicting the descent into drug abuse.
Near Dark - The best vampire movie I've seen that doesn't use the V word. I like this movie's take on the genre and loved seeing Lance Henriksen and Bill Paxton chew it up.
Final Destination 3 - More of the same with some interesting quirks of its own.
40 Year Old Virgin - This movie had a lot more heart than I expected. Easily the funniest comedy I've seen since Dodgeball.
I'm with you on Tenenbaums. I couldn't get into it. I kind of enjoyed Rushmore, but this one just wasn't doing it for me. I think Rushmore did it for me; I couldn't get into The Life Aquatic, either.
You're dead to me.
Having seen none of those movies, I cannot comment. So I won't.
You really should stick with The Mummy and ease more slowly into puberty.
And not that I need to defend myself, but in my defense I admitted that I was in a bad mood at the time and I ordinarilly love all the actors involved. Having said that can you tell me what you found funny about the whole thing, because I thought it was just trying to damn hard to be weird?
Smack is being thrown:

It's a brilliant riff on the family unit, the expectations of fathers that are placed upon their children, and the alienation that comes with that.
Read some Salinger.

You don't see the comedy in a curmudgeonly ass trying desperately to reconnect with the family he short-shrifted emotionally by pretending to have a terminal illness?

If you don't...I can't help you.

It's not just that it's LOL funny...it's tender, emotionally honest, and as absurd as it is very real. The whole movie crystallizes for me when Royal buys the dalmation for his kids and Chas says "It's been a rough year, dad." to which Royal replies, "I know it has, son".

It's not just a comedy, it's a damn great film period.
You DON'T have to defend yourself, primarily because we're all just goofin' on ya and talkin' about movies.
Actually I got and enjoyed the more tender moments. I really liked the relationship between Royal and his sidekick and the weird love story. I guess for some reason I was expecting broad comedy. And that wasn't there.

And thanks for goofing on me.
Interesting Blog. Thanks.


40YOV was hilarious, and definitely had more there than I expected. It also caught me off guard when it cut to him marching around his apartment playing a Baritone Horn, which is what I've played for the last 20 years. That was kind of spooky.

The humor in Tenenbaums was dark. I liked it, but found it more sad. I think Life Aquatic is my favorite of those movies. Murray's great, and I loved Dafoe and his "Stevesies".

Requiem was hard to watch. Good movie and powerful, but I don't think I can ever see it again. Poor Maid Marion. Poor everybody in that picture. Don't do drugs.

Near Dark sounds like something I should see. I haven't seen any of the Final Destinations; I figure on Netflixing them all at once when the third one is out on DVD.

Happy Easter!
Definitely see Near Dark. It took me too long to see it after numerous recommendations.

And yeah Requiem and Saving Private Ryan are the kind of movies I only need to see once (but I need to see them).
I was wrong about Near Dark, it seems. I went to add it to my Netflix Queue and I DID see it already. I didn't realize that was that one. Great film about temptation and seduction, and Paxton really played a wild charater. He's usually more sedate in the things I've seen him in. Henriksen was just plain scary as the patriarch of that little family. Good stuff indeed.
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