Thursday, May 11, 2006
  Blade TV Series and HB2...
I loved the movies. Most of that was Wesley Snipes and Mr. Kristofferson, but a vampire half breed hunting vampires with a sword is so cool in general. I've known about the TV series coming up for a while, but I cruised by deltorofilms.com/ and saw this update (fyi both sites linked to have a hot woman in a neckline that doesn't so much plunge as plummet):

Spike TV has put a wild new site online promoting the new Blade TV series, starring Kirk "Sticky" Jones. It is at HouseofChthon.com, and it plays like a recruiting site for a sort-of erotic, self-healing cult, which is obviously the vamps. Cool.

Also, go here to register for a contest to win 1) A trip to Vancouver to visit the set of Blade, 2) Blade 1, 2, or Trinity DVD's, or 3) a pair of Oakley sunglasses.

Kirk "Sticky" Jones talked with SciFi Wire about his upcoming portrayal of Blade in the new Spike TV series.

"Well, first and foremost, I think Blade is going to be a little more street," said Jones, a rap musician who was last seen on F/X's war series Over There. "He's going to have a little more of that human side and a sense of humor, but then it's going to be the same Blade that everybody knows."

Blade as more "street" could be good or bad. I'm guessing bad and hoping for good. Bad = Flava Flav. Good = Ice-T.

And in closing, some Hellboy 2 news:

According to SciFi Wire, Hellboy star Ron Perlman has hinted that the long-awaited sequel may be announced soon.

"What that means? I know they're incredibly close. I know that there's one studio in particular that I probably shouldn't name [that] is pounding away at looking at the budget and has expressed a huge enthusiasm for [Guillermo] del Toro's script and the desire to do the project. Now they're just pushing numbers around. And I wouldn't be surprised if it's announced very soon."
Oh, please. Please, please, please give us a Hellboy sequel.

For all the missteps the film made (and there's a lot of them), it's a blast to watch and I want more.

I've got the Drew Struzan poster hanging on my wall for Pete's sake.
I'm glad that he's taking his time. I think the first one took a while to get done and I loved it warts and all.
Take all the time in the world - just gimme a sequel. :)
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