Monday, May 15, 2006
  MTV to get into...
the music business. Specifically the online music business.

The service will be called URGE and:

It comes integrated into the latest version of Microsoft's Windows Media Player, which Windows users will soon receive as an upgrade. Before then,the player upgrade will be available for download at the URGE and Microsoft websites.

At launch, URGE will have more than two million tracks, which can be bought individually for US99c ($1.29) or as full albums starting at about $US9.95.

The service will offer unlimited downloads at a monthly rate of $US9.95, or $US14.95 for the ability to transfer songs to any of more than 100 compatible portable music players.

Initially, URGE will feature streaming video, with video downloads becoming available to buy later this year.

URGE will be the featured music service on Microsoft's Media Player, which will continue to have built-in links to several other services.

More at Australian IT.
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