Friday, May 26, 2006
Okay here's a snapshot of what's on my mind.


(No that's not the snapshot.) X3 coming out this weekend. W000T!!1!!!ONE!

I'm going to A-kon to be among freaky people and good friends (some of which are freaky people). So I'll be in Dallas from the 9th of June to the 11th. Much beer, good talking, watching of anime, and eating of raw fish is expected to happen.

From now on this is the first place I will go for movie news/commentary. Of course I will still go here, here, and here just not first (and never, ever here those people scare me).

SW:TPM in 3-D??? I haven't the words, but if I did I suspect that silk and a sow's ear would be involved.

A member of my wife's family (and by extension of mine I suppose) isn't doing to well.

Talking cars, pirates, Superman, a skeleton riding a wicked motorcycle, Garrison Keillor, snakes and planes, Satan, and houses eating children? This is gonna be a busy movie summer.

Have you been here? Have you seen this? The former gets updated every weekday and I WILL bring the latter back from the dead.

Need to laugh? (Humor involving alcohol and profanity)

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