Tuesday, May 30, 2006
  X3: The Last Stand
Nice. Glad you enjoyed it.

Liked the review, too.
Spoiling of movies is one of the reasons I stopped reading CHUD and other sites like that. Now my only problem is knowing what's actually being made and when it's coming out.
Devin and BM are pretty much the reasons I no longer visit CHUD. The spoiler thing I just got used to because I almost never see movies in the theater.
They've certainly managed to make Chud a lot less entertaining to be around.

That place is like a bitchy old folks home these days.
Bitchy's fine, bitchy I can handle. There was a dude on there named Django and he was the bitchiest. BM is just stupid mean and Dev knows his movie stuff so letting him take over the main page is fine, but I just got tired of the boards.
Patrick...Lex is Superman's dad.
And Supes is gay.

'Cause, y'know, Singer.
Not as gay as that icon Matt.
Supes was gay before Singer was even hatched.

Sorry...it's true.
I love this new obsession with figuring out the sex lives of fictional characters - especially ones that have long-standing histories of heterosexuality. :)

Say it loud, Scott: I'm Blue and proud.
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