Tuesday, June 20, 2006
  Adventures in Anime-land...
Day Three!!! (Catch the first two days here.)

Saturday began much, much too early but as a father of three it's difficult for me to sleep in. I did manage to stay in bed til 8:30 when I finally gave up and fixed coffee. I think I mentioned that the Westin was swank. As further proof they had a little coffee maker that had pre-measured packets of Starbucks coffee for the brewin'. I'm not "Seattle's Finest"'s biggest cheerleader but it was a darn sight better than the crap you usually get so I didn't complain.

Showered, coffeed up, and dressed I made contact with Dave and Ben who I was to spend the day with. I had managed to get my fill of cosplayers the day before so I was eager to see these guys and hang out. I caught the DART out to Plano (I wish we had trains like that here) and we went to lunch first at Scotty P's. The burgers were phenomenal, let me tell you, but the cardiac fries were awesome! They were really good steak cut fries with about a pound of cheese on. I could have gotten jalapenos, sour cream, and bacon, but I'm watching my waistline. We chased lunch with a comic book store run and then headed to Ben's house.

The man has a serious home theater situation; an LCD projector with a kickin' sound system and some comfortable chairs. Beers in hand we watched Robot Chicken (HAH!), an episode of the Chappelle show (meh), and Spaced (HAH! times ten). Let me say, as an aside, that I will now actively seek out anything Simon Pegg is in. I loved him in Shaun of the Dead and he was brilliant in this. And not just him. Well, just click the link to read more.

After meeting Ben's family and making a quick run to Costco (which allowed Ben and I some most excellent conversational time) Dave and I said goodbye to El Chupacabra and went to pick up Dave's much better half and meet our dinner companions at the Hoffbrau Steak House. Good food, great beer, and excellent company led to an evening of much making of merry. I won't bore you with the details (too late for that maybe?) but we topped the whole shebang off watching some decent improv comedy at the con after which I collapsed into the rollaway bed in my room.
AWESOME links, har

really, scotty p's? that's not anywhere near the train, though, right? not to get too hung up on the logistics. i'm just hoping someone picked you up. DART is a step in the right direction but, dallas being a spread-out SW city, it's only practical for a small percentage of folks

enjoying all this very much...
No it's not near the DART. They picked me up at the station but that was better than Dave trying to find his way through downtown. He's... directionally challenged.

Being the green minded Dem I am I was happy to see so many people using DART in the land of oil and big cars with bigger horns.
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