Friday, July 21, 2006
Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries is probably my favorite new burger joint. They're certainly pricier than fast food, but it was worth it. Nine bones got me their bacon cheeseburger (onions, lettuce, pickles, toms, sauteed mushrooms, and mustard), a bucket of fries (regular size equal to any other place's jumbo xtra large), and a good sized sweet tea.

The burgers are hand patted and made to order (the way it should be). The fries looked hand cut to me. They have a big bin of them near the grill. They also have buckets of peanuts in the shell on every table. The restaurant itself wasn't much to look at, but I didn't mind. I had business with the burger-strosity in front of me. Their regular burger is two patties, not too thin or too thick, with lots of bacon. The whole affair was just a little bigger than my mouth and believe me that's a good size. Go get some!
"burger-strosity" ... great stuff
methinks you should be doing restaurant reviews for your local daily newspaper
Writing about food? People do that? ;-) Thanks!
Bigger than your mouth? That must have been a damn big burger!
They have one in KDH, I think.

Best burger in NYC is the Corner Bistro, or possibly the Bar 89 Burger.

But 9 bones? McDonalds charges that much for a happy meal here.

Rejoice at your economic superiority!
Wow, nine for a Happy Meal? I love living in the south where you can go to a movie for 7.50. (I think they charge more if you're...non-white.)

Now the best burger place flat out (non-chain) would have to be Cubbie's in Greenville, NC. Of course the cheesesteaks are the real reason to go there. That and they deep fry their hot dogs. Gosh I miss that place. Or maybe Kill Devil's Frozen Custard and Beach Fries. Been there yet Rock?

If I want a good burger in Winston Salem it has to be Fuddruckers.
Love me some Fuddruckers. Jabs and I used to head there after high school soccer/football games, respectively, and order our burgers under bizarre assumed names.

"One cheeseburger for Gunther Mjolnir!"
And I hate you and your "reasonable prices". It's $10.25 for a movie now in NY.

They charge more for...non-whites?I thought you all still used that "separate theaters" system?

Yay, progress!
I just tried Five Guys for the first time yesterday, and enjoyed it very much. The fries are too crispy for my taste, however.
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