Monday, July 31, 2006
  Feasting on Asphalt...
While I am not an Alton Brown superfan or stalker, I do love me some Good Eats. Saturday, Food Network had a GE marathon and a behind the scenes of the show followed by Feasting On Asphalt, a new mini-series featuring the greatest foody instructor on TV. He and his crew will be driving across country using back roads only and stopping at unknown places for "road food" when hungry.

The initial episode was great. They actually broke the rules at the first restaurant, because he wanted to show what he considered to be a true road food joint Jack's Cosmic Dogs in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. During the premier they ate pickled pig's feet, some excellent looking biscuits, and went to South 21 Drive In in Charlotte, North Carolina. I believe I'll be headed there on my next trip down.

This would be a truly awesome way to spend a month! Give it a look, August 5th, 12th and 19th at 9:00 pm.
i like him, too - also love him on Iron Chef. but i'm kindof avoiding this show. for me, he already teeters on the brink of "a little too much" as it is, and i'm afraid watching this will push me over the edge. and yet you say you like it. hmmm. what to do.
Too much AB? That's just crazy talk. Besides this is a limited run. Watch it. You know you want to.
I'd hate to see him become the new Rachael Ray.
Good point. Though I like RR, I respect AB far more.
i got no stomach whatsoever for rachael ray. SHE NEVER EATS THE FOOD! she takes a TINY bite and then they cut away! so she can spit it out, all bulimic-like. can't even swallow a tiny bite! what a fraud! not like that cool dude on "Secret Life of". he'll sit down and eat the whole damn thing

but ok, scott, you've tempted me with the prospect of "limited edition". you know what a sucker i am for limited edition ANYthing
'K i watched it last night and i must begrudgingly admit that i enjoyed it. it's very "narrative"... all sorts of stuff mixed in there.

the network is obviously in some kind of alton hero worship mode. it was followed by an interesting "behind the scenes: good eats" where they showed pretty much everything: the cast, the crew, the props, etc etc. again, i'm trying to avoid burnout with this guy...
Yeah burnout would be bad. And I have a feeling that RR is anything but bulimic. I mean look at that butt. She eats the food on her $40 show though, right?
To be fair, all the ideas for 'Good Eats' come from AB and his crew. Food Network has pretty much given him carte blanche when it comes to his stuff. He has stated on his blog that he frequently get questions about why he doesn't do an hour-long show as opposed to the half-hour. He responded by saying, "Too much of a good thing ruins it for everybody."
He is aware of his popularity amoung the foodies out there, but there are just as many that don't care of him at all.
Myself, I'm a briner all the way. I know the difference between the muffin method and the biscuit method. I even keep a salt cellar next to my stove that I bought off his website.
I am Momotaro and I love Alton Brown.
Hi Momotaro!

I should probably get me one of them fancy salt cellars. But then I'd have to get some fleur du sel. And if I had fleur de sel that would remind me that I really like fresh cut flowers so I'd go by some. Then when I look at them in comparison to the drab paint job in my kitchen I'd feel the need to paint adn I just don't much care to paint right no so no salt cellar for me.
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