Friday, July 28, 2006
Things have been a little slow around these here parts. I've been pumping out a quality post a day at Morse's blog and he seems to like them (as do I). Those take some time though and work has been pretty busy.

So in lieu of anything titillating or perhaps even interesting I will share with you the deal I got from Amazon. For forty-five bones I got (or rather will get):

At Folsom Prison - I am rediscovering my love for the Man In Black.
The Long Road Home: The Ultimate John Fogerty/Creedence Collection - CCR RAWKS!!!!
Spider-Man 2 - No idea why it's taken me so long to order this. It's better than the first and I haven't seen it since I saw it in the theater.
28 Days Later - I sort of blind bought this. I had purchased a copy better than a year ago and lent it to a guy I worked with. He left not to long after and never returned it. So by rights I've probably spent more on this movie than I should have.
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl [Soundtrack] - Looking forward to this a great deal. I don't own many soundtracks but this was CHEAP and the review was good.
All that for fourty five bucks? Damn.

Is there a sale going on or something?
Fucking American consumers...
The bone to dollar exchange rate must be excellent. :) Good haul!
Go to Amazon.com and click on Todays Deals. They apparently always have DVDs and CDs for eight or nine bucks and typically you qualify for Super Saver Shipping. It takes longer for you to get it but it's free.
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