Friday, July 14, 2006
  Thirty-five years ago...
The mountains shook, gerbils spontaneously burst into flame, the moon turned to ricotta cheese briefly (not cottage cheese, though I do like that it is inferior), the oceans dropped over a millimeter in depth, and I burst onto the scene. That's right today (well thirty-five years ago today) I sprang from my mother's loins fully formed.

If you wish to get me a present all I ask is that you give me a holler in the comments below (remember, keep it pithy). But if you insist on giving me a gift of a more... physical nature you can click here or heck you could give the gift that keeps on giving in my name here but mostly a comment would tickle me, particularly if you are the sort who doesn't typically leave one.

My wife certainly knows the way to my heart. She gave me a gift basket with:
6 Black Hook Porters
Chocolate covered brownie dough
Nestle Crunch Dark Stix
Butterfinger Stix
Cappucino Wafer Rolls
Seattle Chocolates Espresso Infused Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar
Seattle Chocolates Cocoa Nibs in Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar
an amaretto cake
Kenyan coffee
Snyder's Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Sandwiches
Extra Dark Chocolate Pastilles
and some beautiful purple and yellow flowers

I also got some Choxie dark chocolate covered espresso beans from my mother-in-law. And my Mom got me Cash's American IV & V and some moolah.
Finally, some company at 35 years young.

Happy Birthday! Celebrate all weekend! ;-)
You are 35 years old now? Wow, time flies. Getting old is interesting huh? It is amazing to think that all the kids you see walking around today will someday grow up and run the world.
Won't be too much celebratin'. We're goingto visit some of Leigh's family. Her grandad's pretty sick. But cake and prezzie's will be had.

Adn getting older has certainly been an adventure so far. When I think of todays kids growing up a part of me trembles. But then I remember I was a kid once and did silly things.
Excellent, love it!
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Happy Birthday Cap'n! Sorry I missed it, even more sorry that I haven't been reading here recently. I've been hiding...

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