Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Okay this is a pretty cool idea. According to the Inquirer (a Brit tech mag) a new site will allow you to trade books with other members. Bookmooch is trying to build such a community. You type in the books that you are willing to give away. Just type the ISBN and Amazon brings up the details. If you want a book, search their database and the owner will ship it to you. You build points by trading which encourages you to give away and not just ... mooch. All you pay is shipping which they estimate will cost you a buck or two.

There's a site that does this with DVD's and another that does it with CDs. Those sites charge a buck per transaction (filthy capitalists). BookMooch founder John Buckman said that he didn't want to charge as he felt it takes away form the sense of community. Bully for him!
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