Tuesday, August 01, 2006
  M.C.F.A.T. Volume XV...
Been a while since I've done one...

1) Your life is going to be a graphic novel. Who's writing it, and who's drawing it?

I'd have to say Robert Aspirin and Phil Foglio. It would certainly be funnier and more interesting.

2) Weather patterns are shifting every year. Wars are exploding across the globe. When and how do you see the world coming to an end?

Well I'm kind of partial to the portrayal in Revelation. Angels and Demons slugging it out with their various human allies helping out. Of course, in Revelation the whole thing's a little brief.

3) What, if anything, would turn you into a supervillain?

Well if comics are any indication it would be some serious personal tragedy combined with a nuclear incident. Probably won't happen... Or maybe it already has. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

4) Let's try another showdown question: TMNT vs. The Kurgan; who wins?

Well since they can tuck their heads inside I give it to the Turtles.

SPECIAL BONUS QUESTION: The year is 3994. What’s a Mok?

A mutated gerbil.

ugh..mutated gerbal, no thinks.
Heh, great answer on #4. Advantage...turtles.

I think I'm going to get a great variety of answers to the first one too.
Yup. You train for headshots and then fight an enemy with no head. Bad karma.
Yes, but who would win in a battle between mutant teenage turtles and mutant gerbals? :P
Gerbils, no question. Those thigns are MEAN!
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