Wednesday, August 30, 2006
  Pulse Check...
Yes we're still alive. Yes we're still writing daily stuff for two other sites. Yes we like to refer to ourselves in third person. Since I can't do a video blog and I'm having trouble keeping a pointless, wrandom blog, I'm thinking of reading some of my fiction and posting those MP3s here. Would any of you be able to host (Pat, Bear, Bueller)?
I might be able to help you out with hosting if you want. Nothing exciting...but I can give you some space.
Cool! I think space is all I'll need since I'll link it back here. I'll let you know when I lay down the first track.
I have over 20GB of hosting space available, so anything is possible on my stuff. Let me know.
Wow. Okay then. How would I need to get you the MP3s? (Question to you both.)
I'd give you the FTP, login and password. You would upload it yourself. Although Pat has 20 gigs and I have 500 megs. He *might* be a better choice...:)
Yeah Pat and I talked and I think I'll go with him. Thanks for the offer though!
Do it Dawg! I'll put them on CD and listen in my car.
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