Friday, June 30, 2006
  Trip round up...
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Sunday and the last day of the con arrived. I had crashed on the roll away bed watching Little Nicky which I mercifully remember little of. I woke somewhat refreshed and after getting packed and ready we descended upon the food court to stuff our faces.

The line at tea McDonald's was HUUUUUGE, so we ducked into a cheese steak place that appeared to have breakfast offerings. That turned out pretty well as the McD's lost all of the orders they had taken in one of their register lines. (I bet their terminals have a Windows OS back there somewhere.) I got three pancakes the size of hubcaps and some good sausage for three bucks. Sufficiently recharged we decided to hit the con floor one more time.

I think I mentioned the skyway between the two hotels in a previous post. Well my friends this thing STANK after having who knows how many of the great unwashed (and apparently untrained in the art of throwing away their food related garbage) spent the weekend sleeping there. We hurried through and checked out the dealer tables. There were lots of sales, especially on food. I only purchased two things and both of those the night before. One was Bawls, the best energy drink evah, and the other was Men's Pocky, an awesome pretzel stick dipped in dark chocolate.

Our experience complete, we headed back to get our cars and got on the road. The drive consisted of much napping on my part. We did stop at World Market where I picked up a cute little four pack of Dave's Hot Sauces. At a gas station I also tried the new Habanero Doritos. They were most excellent.

Jay and I dropped off his buddy and we grabbed a bite of dinner at Braum's, quote an interesting little burger/ice cream/grocery chain. We finished up the road trip listening to Weird Al and laughing our butts off. Pat's house came in view and I was so ready to be stationary. We relaxed for a bit, had some excellent pizza, wings, and beer and then Jay called it a night. He had kitties to tend to.

Meanwhile Pat and I watched Collateral which restored my faith in Tom Cruise and gave Jamie Foxx a few more points in my book. I have GOT to see Ray. After that I finally had to give in to sleep. We tried watching The Aristocrats but I just couldn't do it.

Monday morning Pat and I played his X-box while waiting for Jay to come over. This after Pat made waffles from scratch and a damn fine cuppa joe. (Ladies, someone move to Okie and snatch these guys up. They're gems, the both of 'em.) Lunch at a cool Irish pub, a quick trawl through a new age book store, a brief chat with Pat's mum and we were at tea airport all too soon. We dragged our goodbyes out a bit, none of us really wanting it to end. It had been a great time, no doubt.

The flight home was loooong and I read The Conqueror Worms to pass the time. A buddy picked me up and took me to my car and after what seemed like a whirlwind tour I was back at home, safe and largely sound.
Good choice. I loved Collateral, too, and I'm also planning to see Ray.
Thanks. Pat has a movie library that makes my knees week. To see Tom play a character like (eeeeeville) was a nice change of pace for me.
boy, i can't believe i missed this posting. come visit and write about D all the time! your insights are infinitely interesting and amusing. (men's pocky! world market! braum's! - to which i came around slowly but am now a big fan.)
and just so i don't litter yr site w/ endless comments, i like the audio thing! there's a coffee blogger (one i don't admire) who did an audio posting and her voice wasn't pleasing; but yours is ++
Thanks tg, t'ain't nothin'. And you could never comment too much, provided all your comments are this complimentary.
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